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​Mailbox installer in Miami-Dade County.
Mailbox installer in Broward County.
Mailbox installer in Palm Beach County.
CBU mailbox sales and installation.
4C Horizontal mailbox sales and installation.
Curbside mailbox sales and installation.
Locking mailbox sales and installation.
Curbside Mailbox Installation.
Curbside installation of a curbside mailbox purchased from Excellent Mailbox is $135.00. If your existing mailbox post is constructed of concrete there is an additional charge of $50.00 and up for removal and disposal. Please text a photo to 954 793 9660 of your existing mailbox for accurate quote to remove and dispose of you post and mailbox that is constructed of concrete.
Curbside installation of a curbside mailbox purchased elsewhere is $195.00. If your existing mailbox post is constructed of concrete there is an additional charge of $50.00 and up for removal and disposal. Please text a photo to 954 793 9660 of your existing mailbox for accurate quote to remove and dispose of you post and mailbox that is constructed of concrete.
Installation and workmanship of our curbside installations are guaranteed for one year from date of installation. All posts are guaranteed to stand true for one year accept in cases where damage occurred by lawn maintenance equipment, vehicles, vandalism, acts of nature or other incidental damages.  Warranty on parts vary with manufacturer.

​HOA Curbside Mailboxes Installation.
We provide sales and installation service of curbside mailboxes. Your community chooses to maximize curb appeal by using uniform mailboxes throughout the neighborhood. For additional curb appeal we feel it is our duty to install every mailbox with tight tolerances in distance and height from road grade. In our travels through HOA communities we see that some of our competitors install them inconsistently. We guarantee in writing to adhere to this superior installation procedure. Hiring the right installer can make a big difference in your project. Our products range from inexpensive to top of the line custom built products. We can match many existing designs and will upon request be your preferred vendor to keep your mailbox replacement parts in stock for immediate replacement. We also match design and paint for street signs and street lighting to our custom mailboxes. Custom sign printing service is also available. All of our Proposals include installation procedure and warranty.

USPS Approvals of Your Commercial Mailbox Project for Residences & Businesses.
All commercial mailbox projects must be approved by the District USPS Growth Coordinator
prior to installation. The approval ensures the correct equipment is being used in an approved location and installed in compliance with all USPS Rules and Regulations. Not completing this process could lead to mail be held at Post Office until brought into compliance. Excellent Mailbox is proficient in preparing USPS Approval Submittals to get your project approved the first time submitted.

Commercial Mailbox Installation for Residences & Businesses.
We expertly plan, sell and install Salsbury Industries commercial mailboxes to USPS regulations. The highest quality mailbox available is manufactured in the USA by Salsbury.
The classification "commercial mailbox" is not for commercial use only. Commercial mailboxes are used for USPS central delivery locations at apartments, townhomes, condominiums, hi-rises, mobile home parks, HOA's , shopping centers, office buildings, warehouses, industrial parks and more. New single family developments with 8 or more residences are required to furnish USPS approved central delivery location for commercial mailboxes. These applications should be approved well in advance of development. Some delivery locations may be deemed by USPS to be private delivery. Typically these are locations where the mail recipient (commercial or residential) uses their mailbox for less than one year. Private locations include universities, office buildings with virtual addresses, post box stores and more.  A private delivery location may include condominiums or multi-family buildings that allow short term rentals even on a minimal basis. Private delivery locations receive their mail from USPS in bulk to a designated person. That person must deliver the mail to the private mailboxes. Private delivery mailboxes contain a private access lock in the same location as the post office would normally install their own arrow lock. Private delivery commercial mailboxes are the same mailboxes but do not have to adhere to the same rules and regulations as USPS delivery commercial mailboxes. We professionally plan your project, supply completed USPS required Approval Submittals, supply USPS approved mailboxes and complete the commercial mailbox installation to USPS rules and regulations.

​About 4B+ Vertical and 4B+ Horizontal Mailboxes.
Your older building may have one of these types of mailbox units and your Uncle Frank insists that you can replace them with the same type of mailboxes. He says the new rules don't apply to your building, that your building is "grandfathered in." Well Uncle Frank is partially correct but along with the grandfather rules there are still some requirements you must adhere to. First and most important is that if your mailboxes are recessed in the wall the new ones must fit in the same rough opening without altering the opening. If alterations are required to make the new mailbox fit you will not allowed to use the same type of mailboxes, you will be required to upgrade to USPS approved CBU or 4C Horizontal mailboxes. Tread very carefully as many people have an Uncle Frank that knows better than everyone else. Buildings that did follow Uncle Frank usually did not get away with it. As a result they had to eat the cost of the mailboxes, once you have unpacked and installed the mailboxes the manufacturer isn't going to refund you. Beware, your friend at the Post Office may advise you that Uncle Frank's ideas are fine. Go ahead as planned, your problem is there are many other postal employees that will be aware of your project, most of them will adhere to the rules.
More rules that apply to a 4B+ retrofit!
Though these mailboxes are approved for replacement or retrofit installations other rules still apply. In addition to the rule explained above you will also be required to supply parcel lockers at the same location as your old mailboxes. You will need 1 parcel locker for each 5 mailboxes, you will also need a locked outgoing mail receptacle. Now that you are spending money on replacement 4B+ mailboxes, an outgoing mail receptacle and additional parcel lockers as well as cost of installation. What you have to show for it is the same low quality mailboxes that won't last and are far less secure than CBU's or 4C horizontals. The worst part about it is that your savings were very minimal. Sorry uncle Frank. 

Commercial Mailbox Replacement Installation for Residences & Businesses.
This is our area of specialty. Before giving you a quote we will visit your property in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach County. On that visit we will assess your location and offer you one or more solutions to your upgrade of CBU or 4C Horizontal mailboxes. We've visited many communities where board members or property managers told us the other mailbox guys said it can't be done. We will always find a way while listening to your needs. In some cases we will make an offer to include repairs, renovation or rebuild of your wall. We can also provide shop drawings for your own contractor to make these alterations. We sell and install the highest quality of commercial mailboxes available. Our planning, product and installation is why we call ourselves Excellent Mailbox

New Construction Commercial Mailbox Installation for Residences & Businesses.
For new construction or major renovations 4C mailboxes must be used. Vertical mailboxes need to be under cover and not exposed to direct rain.
Often the existing vertical mailboxes are smaller than new models causing needed alterations to your wall.. During our sales appointment we will determine if any alterations to your wall will be necessary. We may offer more than one installation option to meet your needs. In most case we are able to make necessary alterations to your space during our installation. We can also apply a decorative molding surround to beautify the installation.

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