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A resident of Broward County since 1969 John Wessel began working as a cabinet maker in 1977. For much of the next thirty-four years he crafted Architectural Woodworking projects in many of South Florida's finest homes. He owned and operated a custom cabinet shop during the 80's. At that time he also designed, drafted and built custom residential cabinetry. Afterward, he was a project leader and craftsman in one of South Florida's most esteemed woodworking companies for nearly two decades.
​"Like so many people in America, I suddenly found myself without a job. I was dedicated to one company for nineteen years, the loss was disheartening to say the very least. The job had provided me with a comfortable and reliable income while raising my children as a single parent. I am proud to say they are now adult, and leading successful lives." During the first few weeks

out of work John considered opening a business of his own again. "While gardening I paused to look up at the mailbox and trellis I had built several years before. People actually stopped their car to ask me about my mailbox. Confident in my ability to startup and run a business, I got back into my sales and networking mode. Before you know it, I found myself preparing a bid of more than ninety mailboxes for a local Homeowner's Association. When one door closes, another one opens. In this age of networking, I feel reputation is more important than ever. My success depends greatly on word of mouth. All of the products I sell are of good quality and I've always had pride in good workmanship. I truly desire that my customer is satisfied. Nothing would make me happier to learn that becuse of your trust in me, you told your friend or neighbor about your mailbox guy.
Excellent Mailbox
1100 NE 45th Street
Unit 160
Oakland Park, FL 33334
954 793 9660 
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Established 9/15/2011
Licensed and Insured
Broward County, Florida 
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