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Hand Painted details of the hummingbird garden scene cut deeply into the rust free cast aluminum Hummingbird Curbside Mailbox. create a joyful image perched on the Manchester Mailbox Post. It is sure to be the talk of your neighborhood. The fluted post design, dentil molding around the cap, and scrolling curve on the support arm combine perfectly to create a beautiful finished product. This combination displays your love of the harmony of nature and architecture.
Hand painted
Hummingbird Mailbox
Mayne - Manchester
Curbside Combination

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Color of images may appear differently than actual components.
Installation Service
We provide a curbside mailbox installation service for our South Florida customers. 
We'll remove your old mailbox and install our new one in 40 to 100 pounds of concrete while meeting all USPS regulations. 
No appointments necessary.
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Hand Painted Hummingbird Curbside Mailbox
Mayne - Manchester Mailbox Post

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Hand painted
Hummingbird Mailbox
Mayne - Charleston Plus
Curbside Combination

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954 793 9660
8am-7pm est
Optional Locking Compartment #LB-998
available for this mailbox for an additional $36.95

This important security device installs with only four screws, firmly attaches to the bottom of the mailbox, and cannot be removed without the key. 
Manufactured from rust free, powder coated aluminum.
The VHS-tape sized slot allows all your important mail to go into the secure interior.
An angled flange keeps anyone from reaching in and pulling the mail out before you get there. 
Magazines and junk mail can be placed atop the locking insert box.
Special Lite Curbside Mailbox Mounting Bracket 
# MB-2000   $15.95 
 Steel Mailbox Mounting Plate. attaches your Special Lite mailbox to any of our mailbox posts securely. The low profile keeps the Mailbox Mounting Plate out of sight under your mailbox. 
Alternately you may provide your own piece of wood for mounting this mailbox. 
Hand Painted Hummingbird 
Curbside Mailbox
Hand Painted
Hummingbird Mailbox
Manufacturer: Special Lite
Manufacturer's model #: SCB-1005-NAT
Made in USA
Materials: Rust free cast aluminum.
Finish: Powder coated. 
Colors: Hand painted.
Dimension: 8.75"wide x 20" deep x 10" high.
Magnetic Catch
Delivery: Free in continental U.S. 
Shipped in 10 to 15 business days.
Option: Locking compartment #LB-998 $36.95
Option: Steel Mounting Bracket #MB-2000,  $15.95
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Mayne Manchester
 Mailbox Post
Manufacturer: Mayne
Manufacturer's Model # 5852-** 
Made in USA
Materials: Mayne plastic mail posts are made from high quality polyethylene with built in UV inhibitors for long lasting protection from the elements  
Finish: Satin sheen, color is solid core. 
Colors: Black, white, granite and clay.
Dimension: 9.25" wide x 26.13" deep x 58" high.
Maintenance: Soap and water 
rinsed with high pressure water nozzle.
Warranty: 15 year manufacturer's limited warranty
Delivery: Shipped in 4 to 7 business days. 
Free in the 48 contiguous states of the U.S..
 Post is shipped in two separate boxes.
 The mailbox is from a different manufacturer and may arrive on a different date.
Installation: Installs easily over 4"x 4" pressure treated wood post not included, but readily available at your local home improvement center. Wood post should be at least 50" above ground level  and 18" to 36" below ground depending on local conditions.
We reccomend setting P.T. wood post in concrete for greatest stability. 

Manufacturer of this post notes that mailboxes of the size and weight we have paired with this post can be reinforced by securing two screws through the back of the box directly into the 4" x 4" post.   

Please Note: This Combination Package of mailbox post and curbside mailbox will be shipped directly to you from different manufacturers. Please understand that each manufacturer may differ greatly in their delivery schedule due to customization of your product.There are two different delivery schedules on this page, if your product has not been delivered within that period please do not call either manufacturer. Call us so that we may be of help. 954 793 9660.