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 Excellent Mailbox
adding curb appeal to your home...
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South Florida Warehouse Stock
Mayne Bradford Mailpost Black
Salsbury Deluxe Rural Pewter
 Excellent Mailbox
adding curb appeal to your home...
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Installation Service
South Florida only.

Installation Service Charge
for most installations.

Purchases from our warehouse stock are usually installed within two business days. Prepaid purchases do not require an appointment. When you come home the first thing you'll see is your beautiful new curbside mailbox.

                                                         You click the mouse,
                                                                                           we dig the hole.

About the installation.
Service includes removal of old post and placing your new curbside mailbox package to meet USPS regulations. Post is installed in a minimum of 50lbs of concrete. Assembly of parts is done on site by an experienced installer. Installation also includes placement of standard black on white vinyl address numbers or the address numbers you've purchased from us. As a finishing touch we add red mulch at the base which also helps to prevent 
your lawn serviceman's weed whacker from damaging your new post. 
Thorough cleanup is normal procedure following installation. 

Building permits, code enforcement, DOT and managed community rules.
Building permits are never required by your city or county as a mailbox falls under federal jurisdiction and is to comply with USPS regulations. The Department of Transportation requires that mailboxes be "break away" and the post not be buried more than 24". All of our posts and installations meet these requirements.Your HOA or condominium association may have requirements that you are responsible to inform Excellent Mailbox of 
prior to installation.

 About the placement of post.
 Proper set back from the street is one of the USPS requirements. Set back should be 
6" to 8" from edge of street to the face of closed mailbox door. If however most other mailboxes in your neighborhood are set back further from the street we will give you the option of installing it to the neighborhood norm. We will accept your verbal instruction as to the street set back that you desire. We recommend that your new mailbox be a minimum of two feet away from your driveway's edge.

Address Numerals
Application of black on white vinyl address numerals is included in the installation fee. 
We offer to install very attractive solid polished brass or stainless steel address numerals for an additional $4.95 per number. Placement of these numbers is required by the USPS to be on the flag side (right side) of your mailbox. If your guests and deliveries generally approach your home from the other direction we recommend applying numbers on both side of the box.

Or products and service is designed to be as hassle free as possible. 
Appointments are rarely needed for prepaid purchases. 
We ask that customers who live in gated communities inform security about our delivery and installation.

Installation Fee
The installation service fee is a separate charge from from the Curbside Mailbox Package Price. Our direct burial or in-ground installation service fee is $100.00 anywhere in Miami - Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. 
We reserve the right to charge addtional fees for highly difficult installations. 
Prior to installation we will inform you of additional charges in circumstances such as these.
Mayne Bradford
Deluxe Rural
Installation service available in South Florida only.

plus installation service fee

To order
954 793 9660
Mon - Sat  8am - 8pm est
Mayne Bradford Deluxe Rural
Black & Pewter Mailbox Package

Simple beauty perfected, the pewter textured mailbox and attractive black mailpost is a best seller.
Optional Address Numbers $4.95 each.

Polished solid brass or polished solid stainless steel self adhesive numbers further enhance the beauty of your curbside selection. USPS regulation requires contrasting numbers be on flag side of mailbox. Some customers apply numbers to both sides to make it easier for your visitors to find your home. 

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Our South Florida warehouse is stocked with this mailbox package.

Installation Service is usually available within two business day of purchase.
Thank you for choosing
Excellent Mailbox.

We stock this mailbox package for immediate installation in South Florida.

Salsbury 4850 Series Rural Mailbox. 
Beautifully designed and built tough this is not your average mailbox. It features an attractive powder coated diecast aluminum door and a rugged body. Made in America, Salsbury Industries provides a three (3) year limited warranty to the original purchaser.
• Mailboxes are U.S.P.S. approved. 
• Manufactured by Salsbury Industries to USPS-STD-7B specifications.
• Made entirely of aluminum.
• Dimensions are 7.5"w x 9.5"h x 20.5"d. Mailbox body is 1/8" thick extruded aluminum. The door and rear cover are 1/8" thick die cast aluminum.
• The die cast door is attached to the body with a full-width stainless steel hinge allowing for smooth operation and closes solid with a firm gripping magnetic catch.
• Features a durable powder coated finish available in four antiqued metallic colors, four solid colors and two textured colors.
• Includes an adjustable powder coated burgundy diecast signal flag.

Mayne Bradford Mailpost
Our pedestal style mail post. Simply designed with framed flat panels on all four sides, the Bradford Mail Post offers you a perfect blend of beauty and function. 
■ Mayne curbside mail posts are made from high quality polyethylene with built in UV inhibitors for long lasting protection from the elements and are installed over a 4" x 4" pressure treated wood post.
■ Dimensions are 7.5" x 7.5" x 42"h
■ Includes manufacturer's 15-year limited warranty.
Installation Service $100.00
To provide faster installation service we've stocked our South Florida warehouse with a collection of our most popular curbside mailbox and post combinations in the most commonly ordered colors. These items can be selected in our South Florida Mailbox Gallery. We have thousands of other design and color options available by order in the other galleries. 
We provide installation service to Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Each installation includes removal of your old post and placement of new assembled mailbox and post combination in concrete to USPS regulations. We apply our free black on white vinyl address numerals or the optional address numerals you have purchased from us to the mailbox. Thorough clean up always follows each installation. Complete details of this service can be seen at the bottom of this page.